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Country Support Technician



IT, Customer Service
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2024

Why you? You’re not just looking for any job. You want to make a difference, making sure our users can always keep their lights on. As our Country Support Technician, you are key in keeping our customers happy and our operations smooth. We are looking for one Country Support Technician in Rwanda and one in Nigeria.

What you will be doing

  • You are the main person our distributors in Rwanda (or Nigeria) will talk to every day. You make sure they are satisfied with our support for the solar systems. Here’s what you will do:

    • Daily support: you’re the first point of contact for our distributors within Rwanda (or Nigeria) when they have problems. You provide daily tech support every day, either through WhatsApp or in person, to solve issues fast. You ensure problems are solved quickly and well. If you can’t resolve it, you ask one of your colleagues for help.

    • Training new distributors: you teach new distributors (technicians in the country at the distribution partner) how to manage common problems themselves. You show them how our systems work and help set them up.

    • Strategic input: you give us feedback from the field, helping shape our strategy in Rwanda (or Nigeria) to meet different needs, especially for those without their own tech support.

    • Data reporting: you gather and report data on how our products perform. This helps us improve. You also keep track of how support is going at our partners and report this to improve our services.

    • Teamwork: you don’t manage others directly but work closely with our team to provide the best support and keep distributors happy. You have regular check-ins with the technical staff of our distributors.

    You’ll be part of a dynamic technical team, including 10 members aged 25-35, including four women and six men. You'll meet biweekly and coordinate closely with the technicians who work onsite with our distributors or in coworking spaces along with some sales personnel in Rwanda, Nigeria, and Kenya.