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Investment Analyst



Breda, Netherlands
Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2024

At Spark, we design smart Solar Home Systems (SHS) for emerging markets. We manufacture and provide SHS to distributors who then sell these systems to end-users in Africa on a credit basis known as pay-as-you-go. As the SHS industry has a capital-intensive nature, Spark has developed an inventory financing facility which helps these distributors to match their payment collections from the pay-as-you-go service with the repayment of the Spark’s loan. This financing helps them to afford inventory and expand their reach while mitigating any impact on their cash-flow. With our help, they can grow their business faster, reaching more people with the power and products they need.

Your role is key in making this happen by shaping strategic investment solutions and optimizing financial structures that empower our distributors and contribute significantly to their scaling-up process and success in distributing SHS.

What you will be doing

As our Investment Analyst, you play a crucial role in facilitating Spark’s distributors to have access to finance, so they can deploy SHS. Your role involves engaging with potential clients, preparing financial proposals, performing due diligence, developing investment strategies, securing funding and handling financier inquiries about the deals. You’ll drive the charge in funding processes, right from the first hello to the final yes. Eventually, you close the financing deals that help launch new businesses and generate revenue for Spark. Your main tasks will include:

  • Due diligence & financial analysis: conduct financial due diligence and analysis to assess the feasibility and viability of the transaction in accordance with Spark’s inventory financing facility requirements, as well as other financing options available to our distributors. You'll review distributor’s documentation, contracts, and agreements to identify potential financial implications to be considered under our financing facility. You also simplify complex financial data so it's easy for everyone to understand and gain insights into various business models and associated risks.

  • Financing structuring: dive into financial models —make them, review them, and pull them apart to see how they tick. Based on the financial model, you will predict financial trends and assess the business forecast performance. You'll think up new solutions that really meet our distributors' needs. Additionally, you'll develop and implement financing solutions tailored to each distributor, considering factors such as their business model, transaction size, macro-economic factors, and market conditions.

  • Financial closure: achieve the financial closure of every transaction by preparing and submitting documentation, analysis, and questions from lenders/investors.

  • Stakeholder management: brainstorm with the commercial team about better structures for Spark and its distributors and regular check-ins will help align upcoming transactions and identify any potential challenges. You collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, including Spark’s teams, lenders, investors, grantors and government agencies, to align financial objectives and facilitate new sources of financing for our distributors. You communicate effectively with stakeholders to provide updates on financial performance, risks, and opportunities.

You'll team up with Andres, our Spark Invest Manager and work alongside our commercial, operations, and finance teams. At Spark Invest, we are continually seeking new and innovative ways to unlock financing for the industry. As a result, you will engage with a diverse range of stakeholders, including financing institutions, private funds, financial advisors, grantors, and government bodies in Europe and Africa. You might also get the chance to meet some people on the ground (for example distributors during conferences in Africa or visits to our distributors' offices to learn and see their local operation, and to experience the impact you will be creating).